On location with Photographer Paolo Pellegrin in Melbourne


verb pruh-doos, -dyoos; noun prod-oos, -yoos, proh-doos, -dyoos

verb 1. to bring into existence by intellectual or creative ability; give rise, 2. to compose, create, or bring out by intellectual or physical effort

I produced my first commercial about 18 years ago while I was working at a TV station in Palm Springs, CA. with a whopping budget of $400.  My largest campaign to date was $7.3M.  I have learned that there is not such thing as..."it's not in the budget".   It may not always work out, but I embrace every creative idea no matter how crazy and try to make it work.  I believe my job is to build the best team possible and truly support and inspire them instead of micromanaging them - because that is when people do their best work.  I believe that people hire me because I inspire trust and confidence and I always get the job done on time and on budget.  I am calm, I don't take myself too seriously and I like to laugh.   I love my job and feel fortunate everyday that I get to work in such an amazing industry. 


For the last 4 years, I have been working as EP/Producer for MANA a global brand content and production agency that focuses on sports, lifestyle, and tech campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.  While the focus was primarily photography, most projects included a video component with a dedicated separate team.   My first project was EP & Producer on the 2012 London Olympics campaign for Nike.  18 shoots in 4 months with 22 Tier 1 athletes in 6 countries around the world.  


I have produced global campaigns in Italy, Ireland, France, Greece, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Hungary, Scotland, and Singapore in addition to about 20 states in the US.  If you have worked internationally, you know that selecting and managing production services in foreign countries is very tricky business and experience is everything. It's one thing to produce a job with your home A-TEAM where relationships are already built and capabilities are known.   It takes experience and constant diligence to supervise a team in a foreign country where production standards differ - no assumptions can ever be made and EVERYTHING requires double checking.